8th Challenge FAQ

  1. What is the density of BAM-P109?
    - According to the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Germany (BAM), the true density is 2.18 g/cm3.
  2. The reference materials report isotherms in  [cm3 g-1] at STP and the instructions for the challenge also ask for the submissions to be in the same units. Now, these units implicitly assume a conversion factor based on the ideal gas molar volume (22.4L/mol). This may be appropriate for CO2 and Ar, but is quite confusing for water and n-C6F14. My understanding is that the requirement for this specific unit arises from the default settings in the Quantachrome Autosorb and Hydrasorb rigs. It seems to me a more appropriate unit would be mmol/g as this is consistent with simulations and  would avoid conversion errors. A possible solution would be to allow submission of the predictions in mmol/g units as well.
    - Thanks for the suggestion and comments which are definitely good to consider.   For consistency and with the submission deadline coming up soon,  however, we would ask that all entries be submitted with cm3/g units.   If you would also like to submit mmol/g units as well that would be fine of course.

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