Programmatic Decisions

            Spring AIChE - 2 day, in depth
            Topics to be determined by the sub-committee

            AIChE Topical (Anne Chaka) – Summarizes the workshop
            JACS article (Siepmann) – Where are we and where do we want to be?
            Book (Siepmann) – Industrial Computation

Website (Johnson)

            Sub-committee – Thompson (chair), Dobbs, Frurip - will meet at CCR Cincinnati (September)

Open Competition
            9 properties for a wide range of organic compounds to be judged on the basis of accuracy (compared to experimental values).
            Sub-committee – Golab (chair), Mountain, Greenfield, Case, Hector, Storer, Schiller

            Statistical mechanical ensembles, error analysis, independent initial conditions, benchmarks, tools for forcefields. 

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